Tree Services Based in Carrolton, TX

At Amazing Tree Care, we realize that every project has its own individual needs. Below is a basic list of the services we provide, but if you need a special service not specifically listed below, don't be afraid to call us today! We will work with you closely to make your vision a reality.
 Tree Stump — tree removal in Carrolton, TX

Tree Removal

Typically, tree removal is needed when there is a risk of property damage, or if the trees are causing the landscaping to suffer (due to shade, etc.). When a tree is dead or damaged, it can be a danger to structures AND people. Additional problems can occur if the tree falls onto a power line or vehicle. Save yourself the headache and call us to remove these trees today.
Stump Grinder — Stump Grinding in Carrolton, TX

Stump Grinding

Did you know that when you cut a tree down without removing the stump, the tree can grow back? Additionally, these can attract termites and other issues such as being a large obstacle in your yard. Allow us to remove this from your yard, grinding it down to your lawn's level to encourage grass growth and make yard work even easier!
Man Cutting Leaves — Hedge Trimming in Carrolton, TX

Hedge Trimming

Regular trimming and shaping is crucial to your hedge's health. Aside from keeping your plants healthy, a well maintained hedge will add to the beauty of your property.
Tree with the sky on the background — Tree Trimming in Carrolton, TX

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is needed for a variety of different reasons. Whether you are looking to improve your property's aesthetic, or you are looking to maintain healthy trees for years to come, this service is important. When you trim your trees regularly, you are ensuring growth in the right direction, reducing risk of damage to your trees and the structures around them.
Hand with a Plant Cutter — Pruning in Carrolton, TX


To keep your tree's size from getting out of hand, is is important to keep them pruned. When you have unattended growth on your tree, it can lead to a multitude of issues. The longer a tree sits without regular pruning and maintenance, the more money will be spent fixing things in the future. Small servicing and maintenance, such as pruning, keeps your tree healthy for years to come.
Water Sprinkler — Sprinkler Systems in Carrolton, TX

Sprinkler Systems

Aside form fixing your trees, we can also install and service your sprinkler system! We do it all, from installation, to service and electrical diagnosis!